Social Media and the News Revolution


What peaked my interest about the interrelationship between social media and the news is summarized in a line from Networked: The New Social Operating System.

“In this world of expanded opportunity, community building can take new forms” (p.14)

When it might be hard to find someone who loves flightless birds as much as you, in your hometown. I can almost guarantee someone, somewhere on the internet shares that same interest. Living in a networked and interpersonal world where you can access other people from across the globe, increases chances for small highly tailored (subject-wise) communities to get together.

I believe the creation of these communities has had a large effect on the formation of what some might not consider typical news leaders, curators, and reporters. To give this idea context look at the site The site is made up of many small and large communities that help gather a deeper knowledge for the public. Let’s say  I am curious about the evolutionary of flightless birds. I could go to a page on the site called ELI5 aka explain like I’m 5 and look up the answer to my question.

Another example is SCOTUS Blog, I curated site on all the events going on at the highest court in America, made up of many individual stories written by different journalists, but all experts. The site has been cited by mainstream and larger media companies when they report on the court.

This is where I feel social media finds its best use for the news, it can connect reports to highly informed experts to improve stories.