Curation and hurt feelings

As the newsroom shrinks and the role of the media is being downplayed to the public, curation journalism is an important tool for a journalist to tell their narratives.

“the organizing of information filed by reporters into a deliverable package for readers.” – Barbara Iverson

When you gather all the fragments of the news into one space it allows people to better understand the content in a specialized and important order. We live in a truly global world where there is no more isolation of events/stories that go on in other countries. A reporter could tell a story about a small town in Egypt while writing it in Boston. With all these stories being told constantly from all over the world reports have a responsibility to curate public info and “media” it from the source to their readers. But who can help story telling journalism shift into a more curation mindset?

Those in big newsrooms should turn to their sport writers for help with curation. Where sport reports still pursue larger narrative stories, a big part of their job is to summarize how games play out. They have been packaging curated media for years. When someone missed their favorite team play, hearing the score isn’t enough they look to sites like Bleacher Report & House of Highlights , to see the big plays and a deeper score breakdown. When readers are in a rush, they what to understand the narrative of a story without having to dig through the full story and piecing it together themselves.

In curation journalism that is the role the journalist must take. However, if there is one thing that journalists should look out for when curating the media is to stay unbiased. It can be really easy while summarizing important events to give more coverage to one side then another. This should be avoided, the common thread between curators is that they are viewed as trustworthy sources of information and they can not jeopardize that trust.




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