Opinion: The Beauty of Track Order

Seeing as I have listened to Radiohead’s -‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ on repeat for the last 24 hours I am currently hearing it without headphones, so I might be going a tad nuts, what follows is a little disjointed.

In a time where musicians create albums just as a vehicle for their hit singles *cough VIEWS*. Here you have a band who has sculpted each of their albums with such care.

They saved this song for 21 years until it got a studio recording. Ending the album perfectly ‘True Love Waits’ is gut punching when taken with the rest of the album. That would not have been the case if the song was released at the back end of any other Radiohead album.

Sitting at just under an hour the album feels as grand as 3-hour symphony at points, but with Thom Yorke’s minimalist and dark and strange lyrics (that are his most human and relatable to date) it feels constrained under a common feeling/sounds/vibes/theme *cough lacking in music today.*

Just wanted to say I was in awe at this track, in particular, it fit so perfect as the ending of this album and that the band had the patience to save it for such an emotionally charged album just makes it that much more satisfying for music lovers.


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